Sunday, October 27, 2013

"Draw near to God and He will draw near to you." -James 4:8
A few nights ago we went to a sporting event.  Our two year old soon lost interest in the game and began to explore her surroundings instead. She would wander off into the crowd or find a staircase to go up and down, at one point she met a fellow two year old that was busily running to and fro so our little girl joined her.  Throughout all of her playing and exploring i kept a close eye on her. From my vantage point i could always see her and was aware of what she was doing but from her short in stature view she couldn't always see me. When she would realize i wasn't there, or so she thought, she would get a worried look on her face and start to head in the direction she thought i i would walk nearer to her so she could see me. It made me think about our loving Heavenly Father. He is always there, and aware of us and our lives, but it isn't until we seek Him that He lets us know He is there. Just like with my daughter, if i hover and follow close by, she gets irritated and pulls i patiently wait for her to seek me out. 

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