Saturday, January 18, 2014

"My mother was a great delegator. Each Saturday morning as my brothers and sisters and I were growing up, we received housecleaning assignments from her. Her instructions to us had been learned from her mother: “Be certain you clean thoroughly in the corners and along the mopboards. If you are going to miss anything, let it be in the center of the room.”
She knew very well if we cleaned the corners, she would never have a problem with what was left in the center of the room. That which is visible to the eye would never be left unclean." -Elder L. Tom Perry

I really loved this talk from October 2000 general conference.  I think about it when i do my really feels so good to clean out cupboards, drawers, closets, under beds...even though no one will really see them (my only problem is it's tricky keeping clean what people do see...the living room mainly!) Elder Perry goes on to talk about how spiritually we need to keep our thoughts clean and other aspects of our lives that no one else sees.  I've always loved analogies, and this is a good one! 

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