Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I know i've posted this quote before, but i was thinking about it again tonight while i was putting Louise to bed.  Just before i put her in her crib she became very chatty.  She is only one so i'm not sure what she was saying but i thought of this quote and so i listened to her and talked back and we had a little conversation.  She went to bed happy.  i hope i will keep listening to her and never tune her out because to her it is important.  Also, I loved hearing about my husband's conversation in the other room with our four year old at the same time.  He asked "Daddy, why is money so important?" and my husband took the time to explain to him that money helps buy things we need but that he and his sisters are more important than money. Also, our two year old is good at reminding us we need to listen, not just with our ears but our eyes too and give her our full attention when she is talking. She says..."I have to tell you something..." and keeps saying until we get at her level and REALLY listen...and we actually find that she usually does have something very important to say.

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