Monday, August 25, 2014

The other day we went on a walk to one of our favorite spots..."The field of rocks." It is just a dried up river bed near the snake river that has the coolest, most unique rocks. Lanning found one that was smooth and so white it almost glowed. My first thought was, oh that looks like a worry stone that you could rub when you get worried and it will help you calm down(my dad gave one to my mom when we were all young because she would worry so much!)  On the other hand, Lanning said it reminded him of the story of the brother of Jared in the Book of Mormon that the Lord touched and it lit up to give light for their boat to journey across the seas. It is a story of FAITH! When i saw this quote it reminded me of the "worry stone" and the stones the brother of Jared found.  It is all about choice, attitude. I'd heard about choosing faith over fear, but this is so good for me to remind me to choose faith over worry!

(louise, "field of rocks")

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