Sunday, September 13, 2015

"It's so important for girls to respect themselves and not put themselves down and say, 'Oh, my life is horrible,' and 'I'm not pretty enough.' How do you know? There's this energy people give off that people can be drawn to."

We were just watching a little clip of David Archuleta singing the song "If the Savior stood beside me" and i told Lizzy he was a missionary and learned spanish on his mission(he sang part of the song in spanish).  Lizzy said, "so he doesn't have a wife then? Can i marry him?" i explained to her that he will probably be married by the time she was old enough to get married and she said "well maybe he won't be married when i get older and he can be my husband"  Oh boy, this little four year old is in love with David Archuleta!!! Too cute, i couldn't stop smiling! I hope and pray she will marry a       return missionary that loves the Lord and loves her too! Now i sometimes call her "Mrs Archuleta" just for fun!!!!

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